Since 2005 I have worked for Discovery Channel, became an International Compliance Editor for NBC Universal, while accomplishing all those features I also begun filming several major Music Festivals all over the state of Colorado, Directed commercials and collaborated with The Denver Art Museum for a commercial broadcasted on a major cable provider.

In the meantime I’ve indulged my passion of creating short films by developing my own video production company, Innovative Motion.
With this company I’ve begun to make my mark with wedding cinematography and in all aspects of photography, adding my own unique style in both aspects and finely tuned my own photographic technique capturing most cherished moments.

Right now I’ve got my eye set on breaking into the music video industry; working alongside in every genre of the music industry, hip-hop, hard rock, alternative rock and plenty more to come. Early on in my career I worked for other people and was content with being the guy behind the lens or the guy behind the “guy”. People really connected to what I produced visually, and as my reputation grew, more and more people reached out to give me the opportunity to work with them.
Over time roles have changed and now … I’m the “guy.” That’s when I realized I could do more to set myself apart from other video production companies & photographers.